Welcome to Simply Me – your ultimate beauty partner.  We are the distributors of genuine human hair, unique clothing and African leather handbags in Kenya.

We are dedicated to giving you the very best of products with a focus on quality, uniqueness, affordability, dependability and excellent customer service.

Let`s talk about fashion – it’s an interesting concept worth thinking about. There are people, somewhere on planet earth, who decide what is trendy. These trends are then showcased to the world in the form of runway shows, catalogs, and stylist look books so that we, the common public, can adjust our closets accordingly.  

On the contrary, I think fashion is timeless, it is what looks good on you, compliments your body and makes you feel good.

What about wigs?  Wigs are a beauty accessory like any other.  They come in handy when your need to look good coincides with a bad hair day.  If you have limited time to visit the hairdresser, want a new look, or you simply want to give your hair a break.

Try Simply Me today, we be thrilled to serve you and offer customized recommendations to create your `own’ fashion and a glorious hair day.